Black & Smart is a blog site where scholars and intellectuals whether academically trained or organically developed enter into dialogue about preserving education (in all forms) in the Black community throughout the world. Thus, regardless of “credentials” folks who are “Black & Smart” are encouraged to talk and reason together about the problems that plague our various communities. We are not here to rant or disrespect. We want to think big ideas and propose viable solutions.

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  1. Good to see this up. I remember when studying Independent African centered schools some people saw charters and African centered public schools as a righteous way of opening it up to the mainstream African American community. It seems like charters have been pimped by corporations. Like Baba said you can’t get free without using your own money.

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    • Most of the African-Centered schools were independent schools where communities pooled their resources to make them happen. They were not publicly financed. Parents chose them based on their ideology or values. Others chose them because they ran out of options in the public system.

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  2. All public schools are not bad and all charter schools are not good! There seems to be a place for both, but I believe that often public schools get a bad wrap. In my city, charter schools are funded through the public school district. Sometimes, the children are moved from charter to public like a revolving door. However, the money does not move as quickly. It’s problematic.


  3. Public schools are not just suffering a brain drain. The drain is parent involvement drain. The parents who are activist put in applications for lotteries and try to push there kids. More parents like this are leaving public schools and going to charters just by the nature of the selection process.


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  5. I am a white public school teacher, I hope it is alright that I follow your blog. I do not want to intrude on your platform. Best and Happy New Year!


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